Perfect Kick welcomes Valencia CF

We’re very excited to announce a partnership with Valencia CF and Perfect Kick. Our 30 million players can now show support and love for one of the biggest and most successful clubs in Spanish Football and European Football. Home Shirt, Away Shirt and Badge emblem can be purchased or won through specialty tournaments in game. Go Valencia!!!!

valencia-cfValencia Poster

Woot! Best AppCampus Team

Helsinki, Finland. January 2015

Perfect Kick won the Best AppCampus Team award! This delightful nod was based on the high number of downloads and ratings of Perfect Kick. Special thanks for Timo & Weibin for their insightful thought sprinkles and Suntao for representing Gamegou.

AppCampus 2015

AppCampus 2015


Had some fun kicking it with the crew from AppCampus at the uber cool tech meet up conference SLUSH in Helsinki last week.

Special thanks to Weibin, Silja, Mike, Paolo, Mikka for having so much fun with us.

Slush brought together a wonderful array of startups from all industries within Gaming, Cleantech, Music, Logistics, Educations…etc etc etc (the list truly goes on), the amount of sheer entrepreneurship power will get you high.

Here are a few snap shots of the Gamegou booth at Slush with appearance by our very own Jackie and Appcampus’s Silja

Slush silver stagejackie and siljaperfect kickers

Perfect Kick: Best New Game Update – Apple’s App Store

Our Halloween Edition of Perfect Kick got some extra attention from our friends at Apple.
We’re not surprised they dig our Halloween kits and special items and we are sure you’ll enjoy them too.

Halloween Kits: Spooky Skeleton, Vampire Cape, Jacquelantern Gear , Poison Candy … too many to list.

Treats for everyone this Halloween!

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 下午3.42.18

Welcome to the team Windows Phone users! Also, we’ve been accepted to the “hottest developer program in the world”

Starting on September 30, 2014, Perfect Kick, the worlds largest online soccer penalty shoot out game, will be available world wide to players on all Windows Phone ecosystems.

Perfect Kick on Windows phones

Bringing Perfect Kick to Windows users was always in the works but thanks to recently being selected into the AppCampus development program, the game can now be enjoyed by Windows users much sooner than expected.

App Campus Program

It is now available here:


The timing couldn’t be more perfect for our new Windows users as a slew of new Perfect Kick updates are to be released this fall. New power-ups, balls, and a special Halloween kit in addition to a few more surprises can be expected. So remember to log-in for the latest updates and lead your team to glory! Also … you should follow us on Facebook.

*The AppCampus program started in May 2012 as a joint program between Aaloto Univeristy, Microsoft and Nokia. Their aim is to drive innovation and business development for the Windows Phone ecosystem to create a new generation of self-sustaining mobile startups. Perfect Kick is one of 361 out of 4298 projects that were approved as of September 2014.


Google Partnership award winner! 2013-2014

Last monday we were delighted to have received this partnership award from Google. Couldn’t have done it without all our fans (you!).

shiny trophy

shiny trophy

Gamegou in partnership with LG Smart TVs

Beijing, China (December 2013) – Gamegou is pleased to announce a new partnership with LG Smartworld that will allow fans in South America to play Perfect Kick on their smart LG TV.  A global release is scheduled for March 24th 2014.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with LG for this exciting move into the smart TV platform,” said Dong, founder of Gamegou. “We’re sure our players will love the enhanced experience of  playing Perfect Kick on a bigger screen.

LG TVs offer numerous features designed to “make the TV the entertainment hub of every living room.”, with wireless internet connectivity you can access a world of Premium content directly from your television.

Gamegou Perfect Kick partnership with LG Smart TV

Perfect Kick’s feature on GOOGLE PLAY

Look ma, we

perfect kick feature on google play

 made it!



Critics are raving about WAKADAS

Voila! Gamegou’s picture perfect partnership with Nintendo & FK Digital.

nintendo 3ds

Shift It has got a fresh new facelift in the form of Wakadas, check out the reviews below:

“Wakedas is a humble concept executed with talent. Of course, the spatial, colour-based puzzles use a very specific part of the brain, so make sure you’re in the market for a virtual Rubik’s Cube before hitting the download button. An affordable price tag gives the game an excuse for a bare-bones range of features, however, and you certainly won’t run out of levels any time soon. Most importantly, the question has been answered: a Rubik’s Cube with only one side can be pretty darn fun now and then.”-

Wakadas, Gamegou, Nintendo 1

Wakedas is a challenging, but fun puzzle game that I believe fans of puzzle games will enjoy. The amount of time you put into the game is dependent upon how long it takes you to solve each individual puzzle. 8/10–


Wakedas is a new and well thought out puzzler with a welcoming presentation.  The gameplay makes for perfect quick play time experience while waiting for phone call or morning commute to work. 8.5/




KINGS LEAGUE – Friday August 23rd 2013 – 1 DAY ONLY (0:00 – 24:00)

King's League Friday August 23rd

King’s League Friday August 23rd

SAVE THE DATE! This Friday for 1 day only, join the top team in the European League to win the rare and coveted Legend Gear. Many more random prizes, medals and cash will also be given so don’t miss out! Check our facebook for tips on how to score goals and win matches. Good luck!