iPhone Video Game Marketing, blog entry 1 – Development

Every game has a purpose, a particular allure, a certain je ne sai quoi… point being, spend some time thinking about why you are developing the game. It’s rare that an amazing idea will hit you from out of nowhere immediately. Take your time.

Understand Your Player
Boy, girl? Age? Where do they call home? Is your game meant to be played on the subway to pass time or does it have a competitive tone, something your player is gonna wanna show off their high score to friends? Knowing this will enable to you to start formulating the crucial elements and develop the key characteristics of your project. Never underestimate the importance of being user-friendly. put yourself in the players shoes. Game perception may become skewed after spending countless hours on it, so always take a step back. Stick your head up from amongst the herd and look around you. Is the flock all headed down the side of a cliff? It’s not too late to turn back

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