Arcade Games & Space Wars!

The very first arcade game was called Galaxy Game and was based on an earlier game called Spacewar! It featured two spaceships that would navigate the gravity of a star while attempting to shoot each other. Galaxy Game made its debut in 1971 at Stanford University. Only one was made and it is said that the wait time to play would often exceed one hour. It was ten cents to play. After some time, additional consoles were made and additional functions were added, allowing multiple players to compete against each other.

In 1972 pong was released. Its impact laid the foundation for the video games industry. Atari is Pong’s manufacturer. Pong was widely imitated so Atari encouraged its staff to produce more innovative games. Pong is a cultural phenomenon.

Arcade’s had their origin at Stanford University. They were received by educated University students who would wait in line for up to an hour for a chance to play. Even before console gaming, multiplayer gaming was popular.

Since the inception of gaming, there has been a copycat culture. Innovation has always been the only antidote. Pong itself was copied and it was the start of the video game industry. Galaxy Game was itself a copy of a previous game.

Spacewar! Was conceived in 1961 and today it is 49 years old. It was about two spaceships trying to destroy each other while at the same time trying to avoid destruction. Fortunately, arcade’s did not cost an arm and a leg to play.

If that is not a metaphor, then what is?

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