Gamegou wishes you a merry Christmas. And also…that your New Year be joyous as well. We thank you for your continued support. And ask that you help spread the word.
Christmas will come and go. The games that we play will not. Another year has passed. Have you topped your highest score?
There is no reason to celebrate, but kindness is its own reward. Another day is done…we are all getting older. Mario and Luigi have not aged.
Presents are nice, but family is better. So go have some fun and play games together!
Read a blog with your eggnog, pixel snow is not cold.
Warm yourself with a lover. Don’t forget your Smash Brothers. Hot chocolate is good. Marshmallows are sweet.
Hang your stockings, sweep you chimney. Old Saint Nick is kind of creepy.
What the deal with that beard? Wearing red is kind of weird (are those supposed to be pajamas?)
Charge your iPhone, rest your fingertips. We’ve got more games coming soon.
So take a break, relax and unwind. Don’t be like scrooge: unkind.
Spread the word, share the love. iPhone games are #1.
Gamegou owns. So take note, Song Shaker will float your boat.

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