Watermelon! featured on the iPod Touch at the Apple store in Beijing

An oldie but a goodie …

This occurred some few months ago, I was out and about in Beijing and decided to duck into the Apple store near Sanlituan village. I just brought back my iPhone4 from Toronto where (for an extra $1oo ) you can buy an unlocked iPhone4s from the Apple store, YAY Canada! Now … please keep in mind that the only reason why I purchased such a ridiculously priced phone is because my work requires it. My previous phone was about $25 and I couldn’t tell if it was a coloured phone or if my screen was just messed up. So naturally I treated my iPhone4 like a newborn baby, I wanted the best for it, I wanted it safe and protected with all the latest bells and whistles, but most of all I just didnt want to break it cause it was so freaking expensive! OK, enough my iphone4 protectionism issues…

So I check out Apple and damn there’s a lot of people in China. Between the mishmash of crowds huddled around all the macbooks, accessories, and the long and never ending line of people waiting to collect their pre-ordered iphone4s, I noticed a kid in the corner non-challantly leaning against the white table with an iPod Touch in hand. Her hands flickering against the screen and leaning from side to side with her gaze locked on the screen. The gamer within me immediately lit up and wondered “hmmmm what is she playing?”

So I casually strolled over his way trying to be discreet. Then realized there’s no need cause Chinese people don’t really have the concept of personal space anyway. I stood over her shoulder and guess what… it was Watermelon!

She was playing OUR game! And when did Apple decide to feature us? This is awesome!

Watermelon! has since been Gamegou’s most successful game. The fans love it. And they have rated it highly. The kids enjoy it tremendously and their hunger for watermelon! is insatiable. Use Watermelon! slices as amo to fight off robots in a parallel universe, what could be better? This game has it all….Try it for yourself!!!

Check out the Youtube reel with all the action recorded (yes, I did record):


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