Critics are raving about WAKADAS

Voila! Gamegou’s picture perfect partnership with Nintendo & FK Digital.

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Shift It has got a fresh new facelift in the form of Wakadas, check out the reviews below:

“Wakedas is a humble concept executed with talent. Of course, the spatial, colour-based puzzles use a very specific part of the brain, so make sure you’re in the market for a virtual Rubik’s Cube before hitting the download button. An affordable price tag gives the game an excuse for a bare-bones range of features, however, and you certainly won’t run out of levels any time soon. Most importantly, the question has been answered: a Rubik’s Cube with only one side can be pretty darn fun now and then.”-

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Wakedas is a challenging, but fun puzzle game that I believe fans of puzzle games will enjoy. The amount of time you put into the game is dependent upon how long it takes you to solve each individual puzzle. 8/10–


Wakedas is a new and well thought out puzzler with a welcoming presentation.  The gameplay makes for perfect quick play time experience while waiting for phone call or morning commute to work. 8.5/




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